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fireplaces and tiled stoves - style of home décor

In our busy and strenuous everyday lives one rediscovers the graceful and calming magic of an open fire place in our time of full hectic overtaxing.

As a sign of a modern or traditional style of home décor the individually arranged fireplace represents your personal note taste and lends express on to your surroundings with his its various design options of your constant surroundings.

Your dream of the open fire place can become reality, and we would be happy to put help your full fill your dream into effect.

Our program with the wide range of the various possibilities offers himself to it suits the "traditionally" taste as well as establishing, just like the "modern" one.

By the various possibilities for using natural stones, clinker bricks and ceramic variants materials, as well as modern tiled stoves and fireplaces will is surely enable easy for you to clarify express your personal taste note with our help through us.

Our fireplace construction must be considered a real workshop handicraft business, which has completely ascribed dedicated itself to the building of individual fireplaces making. For us among us the word term "skilled crafts" is of great importance still is written with a capital letter. This skilled craftsmanship is supported by our employees who are qualified "stonemasons", "fireplace constructors", "tilers", "carpenters" and "copper and art smiths" amongst others.

The manager personally is at your disposal to assist you in the planning phase in order who to include your personal wishes and ideas in the planning process under consideration of the structural conditions to ensure the construction of a well-functioning object of art is at your disposal for the planning.

Our inside indoor fireplace systems plants do not have to solely serve provide for alone the joy and the relaxation in the leisure time by the way, they can also make an important contribution to as the alternative energy reduction sources. We have conceived designed a warm air radical change circulation for you, which can ideally serve as a transition heating by her with high warmth emission.

We are at your disposal with our specialized team any time to assist you in the planning and construction process. With pleasure we are at your disposal with our specialist staff any time.